About Us

My mom came up with the plan to start blogging.  Our blog is not going to be earth-shattering or mind-blowing because like King Solomon we realize “Nothing is new under the sun”. What we hope to share with you is our experience -what works and what does not.

My mom came up with this idea and “dragged” me into it but I should be used to it by now. While she was homeschooling four children, running a PE class for 60 students, highly active in our local church, making from scratch meals every day, and being an amazing wife, my mom decided she wanted to be a financial consultant. I thought she was crazy. But no matter what her day was like, how slow our dial-up was (and it was PAINFULLY slow) or how many complicated mathematical problems she had to solve Mom stuck with it and got her degree. Congrats Mom! Now you can calm down and relax.

Just kidding. The next adventure was rental property. It’s my fault partly because I got inspired by a teacher reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in a class and I gave my mom the book for Christmas. She loved the idea and rented or bought every book on rental properties she could find. My parents bought their first rental property in 2009 and every summer the four of us kids were “enslaved” into invaluable experience of renovating a rental. I make it sound awful but it WORKED and is a financial success.

When her youngest child was a senior in high school my mom thought she would be horribly bored at home and after 20 years of being a full-time mom she got a part-time job. She became a local housing counselor. Mom met so many people in serious situations that needed guidance and usually a shove in the right direction. Mom LOVES to help people so this job was perfect. From her housing counseling you can read  Why I recommend buying a duplex.

And this is why blogging came up. Mom wanted to help people. She loves to read blogs and join communities and encourage others. Many of the blogs are written as people are going through situations and how they are coping in the “right now”. But we want to share not just what works “right now” but what works with the long-term. She can give you the perspective of what she tried and I can tell you the result.

Because I am one of the results.