Authentic Happiness: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

I am taking up the challenge to write a list of 50+ things that make me happy from another blog.  Read my list and then take up the challenge to write your own list. What a great idea!  Too often we count our “stressings” instead of following the advice of the hymn, Count Your Blessings.This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.

In no particular order:

50 Things That Give Me Happiness!

  1. My husband! He is supportive and helpful. You can read more about him in A Father’s Love: A Tribute to my Husband.
  2. A good night’s sleep
  3. My oldest daughter and her husband. My daughter helps me with my blog (she is amazing).  You can read about how we started our blog here.
  4. My grandchildren–of course!
  5. My second daughter. She and I have a little comedy routine we do while we clean-up the kitchen and it is fun to laugh together.
  6. My son and his wife.   I love our adventures together!
  7. My youngest daughter. Thanks for sharing our travels and helping with our construction projects.
  8. My MOM! She is the one who taught me that God answers prayer– so keep praying!
  9. My friends at church. It is so nice to have friends that pray for me.
  10. My friends from the home school group.  What a great group of people!
  11. My extended family. Yes, relatives are interesting but I have a good group of them.
  12. Green grass as it comes to life in the Spring.
  13. My yard. My husband helps keep our yard beautiful with flower gardens and an orchard.
  14. Our walking stick tree.  It is beautiful year round but this picture with the snow on it shows off its unique branches.Walking stick tree: branches are curvy and twisted
  15. Watercolor paints!
  16. A hot shower at the end of a long day.
  17. New socks
  18. Beautiful music to hum or sing to.
  19. Plenty of water for washing dishes
  20. A full refrigerator:  This means I have recently gone shopping and now I can have lots of fun cooking and baking.
  21. Meal preparation and the eating that comes after it! My favorite meal is beef stroganoff on buttered egg noodles. What’s your favorite meal? Put it in the comments below.
  22. Going camping and sitting around the campfire in the evening talking about the neat things we saw that God enjoyed making.
  23. Photo albums and digital slide shows.  Lots of great memories!
  24. Books.  I love to read– whether I am away on another planet, solving a mystery or learning about business or art or travel.
  25. My washer and dryer.  It is nice to have them at home.
  26. Sweaters, the cuddly, warm and cozy kind.
  27. Funny FB memes
  28. Encouraging sayings like: “Write it on your heart that today is the best day of the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  29. Blogging! Did you read my article? Don’t Lose Your Sanity: Parenting Tips and Resources to Use with Young Children.
  30. Trying a new recipeMuffin on china plate with coffee in china teacup, design Carolyn. Text: This cranberry orange muffin has a nice flavor zing because the dried cranberries are plumped with orange juice.
  31. Getting dressed up
  32. Going out for a special dinner
  33. Going swimming on a hot day
  34. Playing Boggle with my nephews
  35. Teaching art classes
  36. Watching old cartoons, “What’s Up, Doc?”
  37. [clickToTweet tweet=”50 Things That Make You Happy ChallengeCleaning out a cabinet and getting it organized. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does make me happy. #goalaccomplish1 @BloggersTribe @next_levelblog” quote=”Cleaning out a cabinet and getting it organized. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does make me happy.”]
  38. Visiting friends.
  39. Making a gift for a friend.
  40. Processing the fruit from our orchard into delicious applesauce or jam
  41. Making fresh bread (and then eating it!)
  42. Driving the 4-wheeler in the snow and taking the kids up the hill to go sledding
  43. Hiking in the fall
  44. Scuffing my feet through the leaves
  45. Visiting a maple sugar house in the Spring
  46. Finishing a big project
  47. Technology that allows me to talk and see distant family
  48. A new journal and pen
  49. Beautiful photographs of nature from around the world
  50. Orchids
  51. Hummingbirds
  52. Chickadees  They are always so cheerful, even when it is very cold and wintry outside.


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