A Father’s Love: A tribute to my husband

A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband

To my kids: Today I want to let you know some more of our story.  While your dad and I were in college, we were on summer mission teams together for two years.  Your dad was so excited to work with the children up in Canada.

He told them God loved them and wanted them to go to His Heaven some day.  He was so glad when 6 little boys from camp wanted to accept what Jesus had done for them- dying for their sins and giving them a way to be right with God. Continue reading “A Father’s Love: A tribute to my husband”

Worth More Than Your Looks

Guest post by Sarah Kidd

I just want to give a shout out to you girls…
I care for you. I may not speak up much or dig deep into your lives, but I watch and listen and see quite a bit. I feel for you and pray for you. You face a tough world — a world full of criticism and expectation and lies. And I just want you to know, you can choose: you can choose what you focus on, you can choose who you listen to; you can choose what you fill your heart and mind with day in and day out. Continue reading “Worth More Than Your Looks”