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I am Elizabeth Estelle, Homeschool Christian Mom, providing timely  access to homeschooling answers for moms who have an “I’m stuck” moment during the day.

Are you a new  Christian homeschooling mom? I have the answers to how you can structure your day and still have time for yourself. If you are happy with the curriculum you have found, great! But if not, I have some suggestions that you could try.

Have you homeschooled for a year or two? I have resources you can use to make your homeschooling more efficient as you get into a good rhythm of learning. I discuss character traits and behavior training tips so that you can see your child grow more like Christ in your homeschool.

Are you a veteran Christian homeschool mom? I help you navigate the issues that come with homeschooling long term: having your students take responsibility for their learning,  getting ready for college classes, test taking or getting ready for a career through an apprenticeship. Also, your experiences help provide valuable support to our community. Thank you for joining us!

Isn’t it annoying to have to search and search to find homeschooling answers? You spend hour after hour reading blogs and forums and groups to get the best information for your homeschool.

And then you still might not be confident that you have what your child needs!

Imagine if you could reclaim that time to do the things YOU wanted to do! Imagine if you could crochet that afghan for your daughter,  play longer at the park with your kids or go to a watercolor class with your friends.

TIMELY ACCESS to me allows you to reclaim your time and be confident that you have the answers you need, whatever homeschooling stage you are in.

YOUR INVESTMENT:  only $10 per month

That’s crazy inexpensive for what you get BUT I’m doing it because I want to help YOU have a great homeschooling experience.

 My Work With Me Package: 


ZOOM meetings: Once every 2 weeks, Hop on and chat with me!

Unlimited email and Facebook group support.  I’ll help you get the answers you need so you can have homeschooling success.

We also have a program to work with you to help you develop your local homeschool group if this is needed.

Additional resources include the answers to the following questions as needed:

  • What do I need know as a new home schooling mom?
  • How can I meet the social needs of my children?
  • Where can I find friends for my children?
  • How can I locate a support group in my area?
  • How can I meet the needs of my special needs student?
  • How can I  homeschool a large variety of age or ability ranges?
  • How can I homeschool with an infant?
  • How do I help my students learn to work more independently?
  • How do I find a spelling (language arts, writing, math, science, etc.) curriculum that works for my child?
  • How do you teach a child who is very active?
  • How can I homeschool through high school?
  • How do a write a homeschool transcript for college?
  • How do I help my teen find his strengths and direct him toward an occupation?
  • GET ACCESS below and let’s get started!

Homeschool Christian Mom Elizabeth Estelle is ready to help you!

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