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I am Elizabeth Estelle, Homeschool Christian Mom, providing homeschooling support for moms who have an “I’m stuck” moment during the day.

Are you a new  Christian homeschooling mom? I have the answers to how you can structure your day and still have time for yourself. If you are happy with the curriculum you have found, great! But if not, I have some suggestions that you could try.

Have you homeschooled for a year or two? I have resources you can use to make your homeschooling more efficient as you get into a good rhythm of learning. I discuss character traits and behavior training tips so that you can see your child grow more like Christ in your homeschool.

Are you a veteran Christian homeschool mom? I help you navigate the issues that come with homeschooling long term: having your students take responsibility for their learning,  getting ready for college classes, test taking strategies or getting ready for a career through an apprenticeship. Also, your experiences help provide valuable support to our community. Please join us on FB group Homeschool Christian Mom.

Here’s more of my story from my daughter Beth!

My mom came up with the plan to start blogging.  What she hopes to share with you is her experience -what works and what does not.

While my mom was

  • homeschooling four children,
  • running a PE class for 60 students,
  • highly active in our local church,
  • making from-scratch meals every day, and
  • being an amazing wife, my mom decided she wanted to be a
  • financial consultant. And she did!

And this is why homeschool support blogging came up. Mom wanted to help people. She loves to read blogs and join communities and encourage others.

Many of the homeschooling blogs are written as people are going through situations and how they are coping in the “right now”.

But we want to share not just what works “right now” but what works with the long-term.

She can give you the perspective of what she tried and I can tell you the result.

Because I am one of the results.

Homeschool Success! Allen and Beth’s family with Edward and Elizabeth Estelle

Let’s chat and get you homeschooling happily! 




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