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Home Schooling: General Information

Home Teaching Basics: Are You Teaching Your Children At Home Because of the Corona Virus/ Health Issues? This video addresses communication with your school district, having a schedule, what class to teach when, recess/play times and snacks.

Homeschooling Basics: Getting Started  Welcome to home schooling! Here are the Basics to help you get started and have a happy homeschooling experience.

Home Schooling by Topic

Reading and Writing Ideas 1  You can use good historical fiction like Dave and Neta Jackson’s Trailblazer series to teach values and history. I give examples about having a written criteria for your reading reinforces your values and give you a great project idea for your super reader.

Moms: How To Manage A Writing Project Monday thru Friday    Bonus:  This art project uses a silhouette and crayon drip for some creative fun. Then I go over how to introduce a writing project with examples: introduce an assignment on Monday, Wednesday is rough draft day and projects are due on Friday.

Math 1: What Math Explains Math is more than numbers: it can explain how the way the world around us acts. These tips and tricks will help your math lessons go better. Make sure your student knows that math is used in LIFE!

Home School Scheduling

Work, Home School and Keeping Your Sanity    I discuss how to manage expectations and have schedules and systems in place. An afternoon break gives you time to evaluate your progress. Make sure you are also having some INTENTIONAL FUN so that everyone can enjoy each other.

Family Dynamics: It’s Different When You Are Teaching Your Own Children At Home!   The family dynamic changes when you are teaching your children at home. Here’s some ideas to help you make the needed changes so you can meet their educational needs, make some positive and negative consequences to encourage good work habits, and have some intentional FUN!

Homeschool Scheduling with Little and Meals  How in the world can you homeschool and still have time for your little ones and cook meals? Listen now for some great ideas gleaned from talking to lots of homeschool moms who make it happen!

Schedules and Behavior: Tips and Tricks  These ideas will help you manage your day and your expectations as a mom/teacher.

Homeschool Scheduling: Appointments, Errands and Emergencies  Now that you have a schedule, how do you deal with all the interruptions? If homeschooling is a priority for you, these tips will help you manage the other things that happen in your life.

Homeschool Scheduling Made Easy   What goals do you have for your home schooling students and how can you best meet those goals? I talk about using your optimal times of day for the most important tasks, when remediation is most effective and why the afternoon slump time is a good time for creative tasks.

Is homeschool scheduling a myth?      I talk about time management, self-discipline, perseverance, and how to time block to get things done. What does flexibility really mean when you are homeschooling?

Home School: Dealing with Behavior and Character Development

Homeschooling: What Obedience Looks and Sounds Like These tips deal with the action of being obedient: the tone of voice, the facial expression, the body language and the heart of your child. These things will help your child move from being parent-controlled, to self-controlled to our wanted result of God-controlled!

Homeschool Christian Mom says Don’t get discouraged and an Action Plan to Change Behavior       You are the mom! I know you can figure this out and keep going! This action plan with examples will help you to change behaviors, the ideas presented about positive and negative consequences will help your with your parenting, and some fun thrown into the mix will help you make it through the school year.

Raising an Independent Learner!     I tell you how to have objectives, a schedule, and a way to monitor both positive and negative behaviors to move your student toward being an independent learner.

Bonus: Acrylic on Canvas Art Project!  

This project is suitable for 5th grade and older. Materials are listed with links. Crisp clear photos help you each step of the way, from empty canvas to successful project.

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