Happy Thanksgiving! Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving day with your family and friends. God made us to be connected to people- so no matter what that looks like this year (In person, outside, Skype, FB, Duo, Zoom, etc.) I hope you take the time and make the effort to stay connected.

People do better when they are connected to people.

People do best when they are right with God.

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As my kids graduate: Intentional Living and Teaching

Here is my graduate! This picture of a smiling girl in regalia by a lilac bush is a reminder to spend quality time with the children still at home. This home schooling mom expresses the passage of time in a poignant way.

With 3.6 million high school students graduating this year, I’m sure that means there are a lot of moms and dads who are doing some reflective thinking about the time they spent, or didn’t spend, with their child/children. Rebecca Yarger, home school mom, shares some of her thoughts below as she graduates her 2nd daughter:

As my kids graduate and leave-
It feels surreal.

As a young mom of many,
it really did seem that time moved slowly

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