As my kids graduate: Intentional Living and Teaching

Here is my graduate! This picture of a smiling girl in regalia by a lilac bush is a reminder to spend quality time with the children still at home. This home schooling mom expresses the passage of time in a poignant way.

With 3.6 million high school students graduating this year, I’m sure that means there are a lot of moms and dads who are doing some reflective thinking about the time they spent, or didn’t spend, with their child/children. Rebecca Yarger, home school mom, shares some of her thoughts below as she graduates her 2nd daughter:

As my kids graduate and leave-
It feels surreal.

As a young mom of many,
it really did seem that time moved slowly

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Adversities: God Trains Us Hard -Why?

a close up of baby feet wearing medical monitors and caption "God trains hard"

Adversities!! WHY?

Why does God train us so hard?  God teaches us through difficulties and adversities. “The way you take care of your people is to train them hard.”  Jocko Willink, retired United States Navy Seal, (podcast 3.)  I guess some time in the past the United States military must have learned that from the Chief Commander; the Creator of the Universe. God wants us to be “combat ready” and good soldiers in His army, so He trains us hard. Continue reading “Adversities: God Trains Us Hard -Why?”