Obedience is More Than An Action!

a father holding his baby while looking out at a rocky coast

Teaching Obedience

If you have young children, you know that those early years are filled with explanations, rules to keep them safe, rules to keep you sane and lots of correction. How many times have you answered the “Why?” question today?

To help you teach obedience, use this whole child method to teach obedience for better results.

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Cleaning Help From Kids/ Lack of Obedience: 12 Tips from Veteran Moms

Boys working at table. Text says, Lack of help and obedience? 12 Tips from Veteran Moms

How do you get help from your kids and teach them obedience?

Can you help me solve this problem? The rooms, the house, my life is a mess and I’m the only one cleaning. The kids, boys,  aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing with their independent work (ages 8 and 12). Consequences are irrelevant as an option. Means nothing. What can I do? Continue reading “Cleaning Help From Kids/ Lack of Obedience: 12 Tips from Veteran Moms”