Christian Homeschool Mindset Help from 2 Veteran Homeschoolers

3 rules for our home school day

I want a Christian Homeschool Mindset!

The Christian Homeschool mindset is different from just homeschooling. I am Elizabeth Estelle, Homeschool Christian Mom. I not only want to homeschool well, I want to homeschool and live such a way that brings glory to God. I bet you do, too!

How can we do that? Each and every day we need to begin by asking God for His help. He has given us the resources we need to be spiritually successful: His Holy Spirit and His Word. He will help us have a Christian homeschool mindset.

Remember James 1:5, ESV: “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” Asking God for wisdom is evidence that we trust Him. (

How do we get wisdom? We ask. Every day. Continue reading “Christian Homeschool Mindset Help from 2 Veteran Homeschoolers”

Work, Home School and Keeping Your Sanity

Can you work, home school and still keep your sanity? Sure you can but it is going to take some planning and a schedule to make it happen!

Your Schedule and Managing Expectations

If you have suddenly been thrust into homeschooling, you may imagine that your kids will happily sit down at the kitchen table every morning after breakfast and work quietly and busily at the worksheets their teacher has sent until lunchtime. I have not ever found this scenario to be true! Children need almost constant supervision and reminders. They need your presence standing over them to get them to do their work.

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Christian Homeschool Schedule: Get Your Work done! + Be Creative

Four Humpty Dumpty mugs lined up on window ledge. These mugs show the creative side of our home school schedule.

Christian Homeschool Schedules put God first.

As a Christian, I like all things to be done decently and in order and my homeschooling schedule is no exception.  I like advanced planning and scheduling.

We planned time every morning to start with prayer. What did we pray for?

  • We prayed that God would help us do our school work to His glory, doing our best as good stewards.
  • We asked that we would use our time wisely.
  • We asked God to help us to get along together.
  • We prayed for the salvation of friends and family members.

We had an excellent Bible curriculum that we used: BJU Press Homeschool. This curriculum teaches Bible principles and how to apply them to everyday living, beginning doctrinal truths introduced in an age appropriate way, memory verses as well as the history and geography of Scripture.

However, it did not have a lesson every day, but we would read a portion of Scripture, with or without comments. Proverbs is a good book to read together. Wisdom and Foolishness are contrasted throughout the book with a plea to choose the wise path.

Note: Maybe you know someone that “unschools.”   Basically, this means they have just pulled their kids out of an organized school and are letting the kids run the show. They play, they help mommy make bread, they go to a museum, cut coupons, go shopping and lay around the house.  I do not like that kind of home school although a few days off may be needed sometimes.  I was a lot more like a drill sergeant! Continue reading “Christian Homeschool Schedule: Get Your Work done! + Be Creative”