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6th grade Spelling Curriculum includes great resources in both the student text and teacher's edition.

If you haven’t gotten your BJU Press Homeschool material yet, NOW is the time!

Spelling is more than just learning how to spell words. If you are unsure of what to look for in a spelling curriculum, you can read more about it HERE: Review of Spelling, 6th grade. I highly recommend BJU Press Homeschool Spelling because they integrate so many of the language arts into their lessons.

Or you can watch my Youtube review here.

If you know ANYONE with a 4 year old, the Footsteps for Fours curriculum is one of my new favorites. The authors have included SO MANY ideas!! I go through a lesson to show you how FUN and THOUGHTFUL the lessons are!

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5 Home Schooling Helps For Parents: Discipline

Home schooling help for parents. The text reads, When your homeschool day can be described in one word, "Badlands!" Picture is of rocky mountain range of Badlands with sparse brush in foreground, the Badlands of Sorth Dakota.

Sometimes parents need a  little home schooling help. What if one day you look around and realize that you need to change something with your home school or discipline in your household?  What can you do?

Homeschool Help: Phone Encouragement

Homeschooling is difficult. Thankfully there is a way to get the support you need with a phone consult. I will listen to what is going on at your house and help you come up with a plan that could work with your family.  Get on my calendar here.

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If you just need a few ideas to get you on the right track, here’s what worked for us:

The Toys Are Getting Dumped Out All The Time!

For example, what if you realize that your children dump all the toys over and over again all day long and you are sick and tired of the mess? You’ve tried a few things but nothing has worked. What do you do now?

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Marrying a Foreigner? 9 Things To Think About

Are you thinking about marrying a foreigner? This picture shows an American family outside truck on remote road, mountains in distance

Does it matter if my fiancé is from a different culture?  Are you thinking about marrying a foreigner? There are lots and lots of things to consider. Have you thought of them all? Does it matter?  Yes, (pause) and no.

What does culture and being a foreigner really mean?

There are many factors involved but you should consider what culture really means.   Why does it matter?  If you can both speak at least one language in common, what does it matter if you grew up in another country and culture?

It matters because culture is part of who people ARE, not just the place they grew up.Click To Tweet

Marrying a foreigner: Here is a picture of 2 yo American boy standing in field in Ethiopia. The text says, Culture is part of who people are, not just the place they grew up.

I first noticed my future husband because I overheard him talking about chasing baboons off of cliffs where they jumped into the trees below.  Continue reading “Marrying a Foreigner? 9 Things To Think About”