Homeschool Meal Planning Starter Kit: Time-Saving, Easy-to-Use and Practical

Comedic. Text on confetti background. This is me: It's Friday. Let's go out to eat. 2nd picture. Picture of food. This is also me. I'm not paying $$$$ for this. I can make it at home. 3rd picture: Mom asleep next to coffee cup. Also me: Too tired to cook.

Meal-Planning: This system is NOT overwhelming!

If you saw our previous article, Help Me! Meal Planning Basics and panicked, relax! We put a lot of information in that article about meal planning to get you thinking long-term rather than the day-to-day survival mode. Long-term thinking will help you as are meal planning in a healthier way, prevent impulse buying, and save you time and money.

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Help Me! Meal Planning Basics

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Does your meal planning feel like this picture? This is one area that I struggle with on a daily basis. I end up going to the grocery store every day or every other day which wastes time and money because I tend to over-buy (Hey, it was a great deal!) or I forget that one item (again). My mom lives in a rural area and can only go shopping once a week. How does she do it? How does she plan that many meals ahead? Here are her tips she shared that helped me. Continue reading “Help Me! Meal Planning Basics”