I Look Ridiculous When I Exercise! Meeting your Fitness and Health Goals

I am quite sure that I look absolutely ridiculous when I exercise, which is only done in the privacy of my home when no one is watching.  I sometimes walk on the treadmill. I sometimes follow along with some uber-fit personal trainer on the internet (Fitness Blender.) Via the internet, I have tried beginning clogging lessons, dance videos, kickboxing videos and even a fitness workout for the elderly.   I can hear my kids laughing their heads off about now (quiet down out there.) Continue reading “I Look Ridiculous When I Exercise! Meeting your Fitness and Health Goals”

Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

My Experience with a Broken Foot

Note: I had a broken foot. I am not a doctor. This was my experience. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. This article is NOT medical advice. It is a blog post.

Diagnosis: Clumsy! I mean, the Emergency Room report didn’t say that, but that’s what I felt like it should say. I missed the last step and fell. The diagnosis really said, Closed avulsion fracture navicular right foot. Continue reading “Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor”

For My Birthday: #Quarantine 2020

Our quarantine this week includes my birthday celebration. It will be a little different this year- but fun for sure! I think there might even be a chocolate cake happening.

I have seen some nice fundraising ideas on birthdays. However, for my birthday this year, I want you to pray with me for a few things. That’s right- I want some prayer partners for my birthday!

Prayer Request #1: There’s a lot of people that aren’t right with God. I only can influence a few of them through my blog life and in real life, but I’d sure like to see the people I know  get right with the Lord and start living for Him. Will you pray that I can be a good Christian witness to these people? Thanks!

Prayer Request #2: I tend to worry about things and this year has sure started off with plenty of things to worry about. Please pray that I will trust in the Lord as this year goes by and submit to whatever He is doing in my life.

Prayer Request #3: I need a bit more self-discipline if I’m going to reach some goals that I have set for myself this year. You, too? Well, then, we’ll pray for each other for this!

Prayer Request #4: For the Blog: I’d sure like my blog articles and Youtube videos to get a little more traffic so they can help more people. If you haven’t yet, I’d appreciate a share every now and then. If you aren’t into that, maybe you can pray for some other people to share and get the word around. Thanks!

With the whole country teaching their children at home right now, I imagine there’s a lot of frustrated moms that need some help! I’ve put a bunch of videos in one place to get them the basic information they need to get started. If you know some moms that could use this help, please forward this email to them.

I’m sure there are some other things to pray about, but those are the prayer requests that have been on my heart today. I hope you have a good unbirthday week and thanks for coming alongside to join me in prayer as we stand together, 6 feet apart, #quarantined and praying for relief from this corona virus pandemic.

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