Art Project: Acrylic on Canvas

Use an illustration to start your own creative juices flowing  in this acrylic on canvas art project.

Tacky is getting ready to eat his fish sandwich! This 🎨#artproject 🎨 from Homeschool Christian Mom FB group is Acrylic on Canvas.

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Materials: canvas, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, acrylic paints, paint brushes (narrow, medium and large), plate for paint, water and a picture from a children’s book.*

I recommend wearing an apron when using acrylics as they change from liquid to a plastic.  You can only get it out of clothing if you scrub it off right away.

  • First I painted the whole canvas white.
  • I used the tracing paper to copy the picture, scribbled with pencil on the back and then used that to transfer the picture to my canvas.
  • Use tracing paper to move the illustration from a book or screen to your canvas for this art project.
  • I added extra water to the acrylic paint for the background colors.
  • A wash of acrylic with extra water makes a soft background for any art project.
  • Then working from light colors to darker colors, I began painting.
  • This picture shows the illustration of Tacky the penguin from a children's book and my partially done picture below it. Text reads: Work from light colors to dark colors. You can follow the color scheme or make your own.
    YUM! This fish sandwich is delicious!
  • Project is suitable for 5th grade and up.

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*(I am not a lawyer but as I am only painting one original picture, this is not violating any copyright laws. However, I could not and will not be copying this picture multiple times to sell.)