Home buying: Why I Recommend Buying a Duplex

Picture of large house. Text on picture: The Duplex Solution“The American dream” has consistently included both opportunity and home buying. Unfortunately, since 2008 and the housing collapse the dream turned nightmare for millions of Americans. Banks had to be forced by the federal government to offer modifications to their clients. People were “upside down,” meaning that the current value of their home was significantly less than they had paid for it, or less than they still owed on it. Is home buying for you? Continue reading “Home buying: Why I Recommend Buying a Duplex”

Home schooling: Teach My Child? Who? Me?!

Home schooling help: Picture of teenagers playing basketball

Are you thinking of home schooling your child? Teach my child? Who? Me?! 

“Christian education is not a type of education merely; it is the education of Christians—individual Christians. It is 'leading out the called-out' from wherever they are to wherever God wants them to be'.Click To Tweet

Besides being a great resource for parents of special needs children, Special Education: A Biblical Approach, edited by Joe P. Sutton, Ph.D. contains the best and most reasoned argument for Christian education that I have ever read.

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My home schooling philosophy

I used this philosophy when I home schooled my children. Each one of my children was a special individual that needed a unique education to become the person God wanted them to be.

Home schooling help for parents: Four children making silly faces. Yes, this is what my home school looked like some days!

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Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea: Towel Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear made out of towel, sitting in chair. Blue ribbon around neck.Text: Towel Teddy Bear: Great Baby Shower Gift, goalaccomplished.comThis post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.

This is a great baby shower gift idea. This adorable Towel Teddy Bear was made by my friend Janet.  She is graciously posting here to help you come up with this adorable Towel Teddy Bear.

You can make a baby shower gift that is unique and cuddly to welcome any new baby.Click To Tweet  I love the It’s a Boy! ribbon she found. By using some interesting ribbons, your Teddy Bear will have the right bit of sass or welcome that will make it unique to you. Continue reading “Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea: Towel Teddy Bear”