Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

My Experience with a Broken Foot

Note: I had a broken foot. I am not a doctor. This was my experience. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. This article is NOT medical advice. It is a blog post.

Diagnosis: Clumsy! I mean, the Emergency Room report didn’t say that, but that’s what I felt like it should say. I missed the last step and fell. The diagnosis really said, Closed avulsion fracture navicular right foot. Continue reading “Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor”

Homeschooling Basics: Getting Started

Expert Help for Home School Moms: I want to help you be successful like I've helped others. Picture of kids squirting water at each other outside in backyard.

Welcome to homeschooling! Here are the Basics to help you get started and have a happy homeschooling experience.

Homeschooling: You Need Some Books

If you are choosing to home school or teaching from home due to the quarantine make sure you are getting the material you need. Generally with home schooling, you purchase and teach the subjects your child needs. However you may be getting some material from your school district during this time. Whatever you are teaching, please join me on Homeschool with Confidence on Facebook for additional support. If you are having difficulty with finding curriculum or other resources, I can help you in that forum. Continue reading “Homeschooling Basics: Getting Started”