NEWSFLASH: I’m homeschooling. I’m not perfect.

I'm homeschooling. I'm not perfect. text on red background. mom sleep: like regular sleep but without the sleep

Newsflash: I’m homeschooling. I’m not perfect.

Fortunately, my children were already well aware of this. I didn’t have to burst their bubble, so to speak. My husband was supportive of the homeschooling so he greatly contributed to its success.

But my own mindset needed some adjusting.

  • I had my own ideas of how the days should go.
  • Of how the house should look.
  • Of appropriate lunches and snacks.
  • Of playdates and extra outings.
  • Of time for myself to recharge, read my Bible or even nap!

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Reasons to Homeschool This Year

Reasons to Homeschool, photo shows girls crying, other girls pointing at her and laughing

You Should Homeschool Your Children This Year. Homeschooling is Reasonable. 

That means that there are good reasons for you to homeschool this year. 
It is a reasonable decision people make on behalf of their children considering their other school options.
I  know you can homeschool successfully and do a great job with your child academically. How do I know this?
I’m an ordinary mom.
With a lot of determination.
I did it. We did it.
My husband was supportive and I taught.
With 4 strong-willed kids, a limited budget, and a lot of determination. 
My children then conquered college and careers.
They are successful.
The best part?
They love and serve the Lord as adults.
They are the amazing people they are because of homeschooling.

Homeschooling Successfully-

I did it so I know you can, too.

Here are good reasons to homeschool.

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