Three Daily Actions to Boost Your Child’s Homeschool Success

Four Daily Actions to Boost Your Child’s Homeschool Success

We all want to be successful with our homeschooling efforts! Here’s what you can do to boost your children’s success

Where are you going?  Look back at your mission statement.

Why are you doing this? My husband and I feel called by God to homeschool our children at this time.

What’s the best way to get there? We need to use the best curriculum we can, be as disciplined as we can realistically be to get through the material in a timely way so that our children are well-prepared for life after high school and whatever God has for them (college, vocational training, military).

Do these 4 actions EVERY DAY to boost your child’s homeschool success.

  • Pray together.
  • Read Scripture together.
  • Sing together.
  • Be thankful together.

Raising Children: 5 Helps for Parents

Raising Children: 5 Tips to Help Parents. Image shows an ornate church steeple with the sun coming through the bell tower with a light blue sky in the background.

Parenthood is so important for raising up a group of Christian children, your children,  who are able to be leaders for the next generation.

We discussed leadership in church today when we were studying about the life of Joseph. Joseph had decided to make God’s concerns more important that his own concerns. His determination to do right even under very tempting and trying circumstances allowed him to be used of God in amazing ways later in his life.

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