Homeschooling: Are you parenting “What IF” or “Even IF?”

Little child holding Dad's hand, only hands are shown

Are you parenting with the “What IF?” outlook or the Even IF?

The following article is shared with permission. I love this perspective! (The pastor who wrote it has asked to remain anonymous- so if you think you recognize this, you probably do.)

A little over a month ago, my 5 yr. old daughter came out of her room after bedtime and told me that she thought she heard something that made her feel nervous. It reminded her of the scary part of a movie she saw one time. I held her in my arms and promised her that she’s safe.
I told her I’m big and strong and I’ll keep her safe, that our house is all locked up, and so our house is safe, and we live in a neighborhood and a town that’s safe. And besides all that, we trust God to keep us safe.

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