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Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

My Experience with a Broken Foot

Note: I had a broken foot. I am not a doctor. This was my experience. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. This article is NOT medical advice. It is a blog post.

Diagnosis: Clumsy! I mean, the Emergency Room report didn’t say that, but that’s what I felt like it should say. I missed the last step and fell. The diagnosis really said, Closed avulsion fracture navicular right foot. Continue reading “Broken Foot: My Experience and What Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor”

Work, Home School and Keeping Your Sanity

Can you work, home school and still keep your sanity? Sure you can but it is going to take some planning and a schedule to make it happen!

Your Schedule and Managing Expectations

If you have suddenly been thrust into homeschooling, you may imagine that your kids will happily sit down at the kitchen table every morning after breakfast and work quietly and busily at the worksheets their teacher has sent until lunchtime. I have not ever found this scenario to be true! Children need almost constant supervision and reminders. They need your presence standing over them to get them to do their work.

Continue reading “Work, Home School and Keeping Your Sanity”