Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea: Towel Teddy Bear

towel teddy bear sitting in chair with title overlay

Teddy Bear made out of towel, sitting in chair. Blue ribbon around neck.Text: Towel Teddy Bear: Great Baby Shower Gift, goalaccomplished.comThis post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.

This is a great baby shower gift idea. This adorable Towel Teddy Bear was made by my friend Janet.  She is graciously posting here to help you come up with this adorable Towel Teddy Bear.

You can make a baby shower gift that is unique and cuddly to welcome any new baby.Click To Tweet  I love the It’s a Boy! ribbon she found. By using some interesting ribbons, your Teddy Bear will have the right bit of sass or welcome that will make it unique to you. Continue reading “Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea: Towel Teddy Bear”

Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child: The Importance of the Walk

a child and mom holding hands closeup of just hands

Mom holding child's hand: Why it was important to walk my strong willed child to the tree every day.

Do you need help parenting your strong willed child?

I was a strong willed child. My mom reminds me of this sometimes! That is good because if I hadn’t been stubborn or persistent or tenacious or whatever you want to call it, my own daughter would have run over me again and again.

Or perhaps  I would have let my daughter get away with bad behavior if I had not been so determined.  My daughter needed to learn some lessons: to obey, to persist, to follow through. Importantly, teaching obedience now  provided safety and set an important foundation for future self-control.

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