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Exciting news! BJU Press Homeschool is holding a sale from Auguat 1st to 15th, 2023! Everything is 10% off (excluding Testing & Evaluation, AIG, Logos Science Kits, etc.) for these dates only! This offer cannot be used on previous orders and expires at 11:59 PM (ET) on August 15th.

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This sale is not retroactive on orders already placed.

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Bonus Homeschooling material:

Spelling is more than just learning how to spell words. If you are unsure of what to look for in a spelling curriculum, you can read more about it HERE: Review of Spelling, 6th grade. I highly recommend BJU Press Homeschool Spelling because they integrate so many of the language arts into their lessons.

Or you can watch my Youtube review here.

If you know ANYONE with a 4 year old, the Footsteps for Fours curriculum is one of my new favorites. The authors have included SO MANY ideas!! I go through a lesson to show you how FUN and THOUGHTFUL the lessons are!

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Homeschooling and Pornography- Jacob’s Story

Because our children, homeschooled or not,  are on the computer so much more these days, I have become passionate about preventing accidental exposure to pornography as well as helping those who already feel trapped by pornography’s attraction.

Can you relate to Jacob’s story?

I do not know that he was homeschooled, but his story as told to Covenant Eyes, is compelling.

He found freedom from pornography by relying on Christ and God’s people.

From Jacob:  “Freedom in Accountability Through Relationships

My point is not to discredit filters and accountability. Those are important. Covenant Eyes is something I am currently using as a source of that needed accountability.

However, I would like to emphasize that there is not something special in the filter and accountability itself, but there is something special in brothers and sisters in Christ coming together to support one another to freedom. What truly sets people free is accountability through relationships. We, as humans, are created to be in relationships. Isolation is the surest way to be in chains to pornography forever.

A relationship with Christ and Biblical relationships with others are the surest ways to pave the path to freedom. Freedom from porn is a battle. The enemy wants to do whatever he can to keep millions of men and women in bondage to that evil industry. I believe the horrors of that industry are worse than we even currently realize.” Jacob

I am passionate about protecting children from accidental exposure to porn and helping people break the porn cycle. 

Using an accountability program like Covenant Eyes is part of that solution.

Go to  https:/// and use the promo code HSCM to get the 30 days free.

Read Jacob’s whole story and get more helpful information here.

Guard your heart and your internet!
Keep your family safe with Covenant Eyes or other internet guard.

  Homeschool Christian Mom Elizabeth Estelle is ready to help you!

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