As my kids graduate: Intentional Living and Teaching

Here is my graduate! This picture of a smiling girl in regalia by a lilac bush is a reminder to spend quality time with the children still at home. This home schooling mom expresses the passage of time in a poignant way.

With 3.6 million high school students graduating this year, I’m sure that means there are a lot of moms and dads who are doing some reflective thinking about the time they spent, or didn’t spend, with their child/children. Rebecca Yarger, home school mom, shares some of her thoughts below as she graduates her 2nd daughter:

As my kids graduate and leave-
It feels surreal.

As a young mom of many,
it really did seem that time moved slowly

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Home school planning and schedules: Get your work done! + Be creative

Four Humpty Dumpty mugs lined up on window ledge. These mugs show the creative side of our home school schedule.

I am a planner.  I like to know what is coming for the day and the week.  I like advanced planning and scheduling. Maybe you know someone that “unschools.”   Basically, they have just pulled their kids out of an organized school and are letting the kids run the show. They play, they help mommy make bread, they go to a museum, cut coupons, go shopping and lay around the house.  I do not like that kind of home school although a few days off may be needed sometimes.  I was a lot more like a drill sergeant! Continue reading “Home school planning and schedules: Get your work done! + Be creative”