I Look Ridiculous When I Exercise! Meeting your Fitness and Health Goals

I am quite sure that I look absolutely ridiculous when I exercise, which is only done in the privacy of my home when no one is watching.  I sometimes walk on the treadmill. I sometimes follow along with some uber-fit personal trainer on the internet (Fitness Blender.) Via the internet, I have tried beginning clogging lessons, dance videos, kickboxing videos and even a fitness workout for the elderly.   I can hear my kids laughing their heads off about now (quiet down out there.)


I don’t have the extra cash to take a fitness class -and it is practically against my principles to do so!- even if I know it would help.  Why?  Because I did this to myself!  I kept eating!  Why should I be paying someone to tell me to be more disciplined?  I know that!

I want to be healthy and thin.  That is my goal.  Well, you can’t magically “be healthy”-really health is a gift of God.  All these people who chase after health at any cost are doing themselves a disservice.  Not everyone is healthy.  Some people just seem to be chronically sick, just getting or getting over a cold, or a sprain, or a cough. And no amount of oil, garlic, hot tea or a nutritional supplement is going to change that.  Some people (and I dare say there are a lot of us out here!) need to keep going anyway, and do the best we can with how we feel instead of chasing after feeling “good” all the time.  No wonder we have an epidemic of addictive behaviors in our society. We’ve been sold a “bill of goods” that doesn’t really exist.

And you can’t magically be thin: people are made in different sizes and shapes! If you don’t believe that, go to Myrtle beach in the summer.  (This is for the adults only -it could be scarring for children.)  Genetically, we are all predisposed to look like our parents plus we get the eating styles and habits from our parents.  So we are fighting our genes, our age, our habits.  We need to work with the body we have and do our best to keep it healthy, rather than keep trying to get someone else’s body.

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Don’t give up! Do your part to be healthy.

Eat right, exercise and stay active.  Keep at it!  It is difficult.  This is one reason I collect sayings to encourage myself to keep going.  You can see some of them on the GoalAccomplished Pinterest Page.  I have to be in the right mind set.  I wish I was more athletic but that train never arrived at the station, let me tell you.  I tried out for cheer leading 3x in my life and never made a squad, tried out for basketball (broke my arm) and then the coach taught me to keep score to get me off the playing floor, I was scorekeeper in softball (same reason), and ran cross country (they needed one more person).  I did play volleyball somewhat successfully (mostly via the bench). I yelled enthusiastically for my team: Go Eagles!

Fitness: Teaching Gym Class

As an adult, I taught home school gym class for 22 years.  What?!  What?  I did it because I loved my kids and I wanted them to have a good gym program.  I loved my kids and I love to play with kids.  I worked and worked to learn the soccer drills and rules so I could teach them.  I read books about basketball so I could teach the students to dribble, move the ball down the court and score.  I looked up cooperative games so that the children could learn teamwork.  I came up with crazy ways to get points for your team so that the non-athletic student could still contribute.  I found a gymnastics teacher to help with our group and learned how to teach “doing a cart-wheel.”  I can’t do a cart-wheel, but I can teach it!  I took a 2 hour juggling workshop so that I could teach juggling.  Yes, I really did!  I probably looked ridiculous doing these things, too, but I loved it.

Fitness On My Own

At this point in my life teaching a gym class is too tiring.  I am having to motivate myself to eat healthy and be active more “on my own.”  But I am doing it:  I have great motivation!  I want to be able to go for a hike when my kids come to visit, or play a game of kickball with the nephews.  I want to live an active lifestyle.  And I bet you do, too.

Join with me, little by little, and make the positive needed changes to meet your health and fitness goals.  Start with walking 15 minutes a day.  You can do it!  I know you can.

Treadmill: Keep up with Grandchildren

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