Newborn ICU: 7 Extra Items You Need!

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  1. Thera Pearl Hot/Cold wraps
  2. Flat panty line pads
  3. Ultra Soft toilet tissue
  4. Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes or flushable personal wipes
  5. Prep H cream
  6. Sport events cushion cut to fit the toilet
  7. Fingernail clippers and/or emery board

Don’t be without these Seven Extra Items if your newborn is in NICU! After a not-so-normal delivery, my daughter and her husband welcomed Baby Sunshine into their lives! We all were excited but the baby started with an extra 14 days in the hospital fighting an infection. My daughter needed a lot of extra care while her newborn was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.) Her husband thought of some wonderful aids to help her through this time and although I hope you don’t ever need them, if you do, you’ll be glad you have them!

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