How to be the Best Mom: Be the Mom!

You know your child and you know what he/ she needs.

It’s okay.

Be the Mom.

Picture of husband, mom and four children near playground equipment

Be the Mom!

Be the best mom. This article is for those of you moms (whether you are the biological parents or the dad or the guardian) out there who need encouragement to “Be the Mom.” You doubt yourself, you wonder if you really should be stepping in on behalf of your child, you are worried about how you will be perceived by others, you are a little timid about your “Mom” role.

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Be the Mom! This means that you are being your child’s chief cheerleader and support. You are your child’s best advocate. You know what they need. If you don’t, study your child and figure it out. God gave you your child. Get evaluations done. Seek wise council. It is your child. Do not doubt yourself-

be the mom for your child.

Does he need special treatments for his acne? Acne Treatments (#Ad) Get it. Does your child need to be a puppy walker for a future guide dog because it will give him confidence? Do it. Be the mom.

Black lab puppies. Text reads: Inspire self-confidence. Become a puppy walker!

Be the Mom!

Have you noticed that the 2 year old speaks more clearly than the 4 year old? Get the four year old’s hearing tested to make sure she can hear her sounds. Then get a speech evaluation to make sure she can make her sounds. And then work with her regularly so that she can talk clearly. A little lisp may seem cute when your daughter is 3 but not when she is doing a presentation at college. Speech intervention works best when children are young. Be the Mom!

Be the Mom!   Your son will need a project that he can give himself to as he heads toward his teen years. While he may love video games, he will need a physical activity in which he can interact positively with others, at least some of whom are role models. Does he like to ride his bike? Maybe he needs to be signed up for a bike-a-thon to raise money for your local ARC. Or maybe he’s ready to tackle a bike race or two.

Does he like to cook? Have him start a fudge business! (Check out Slickepott). Does he like to fight? Is there a wrestling club nearby? Get him into a martial arts class where the instructor stresses good technique AND self control.

Mom gets her child martial arts lessons. Two martial arts students are sparring.
Strength is nothing without self control.

Does your daughter like to sew? Perhaps there is a lady at your church that will take her under her wing to teach her. Is your daughter shy? What situations can you arrange so that your daughter can gain confidence? Make sure those situations are successful for her. Perhaps your daughter needs to be the oldest in a group of younger children to gain confidence.

What can you do to make that happen? Be the Mom!

I know we cannot be everywhere to protect our children and advocate for them, but I have seen moms who are hesitant to be the best mom for their children and stand up for them. Sometimes moms think these situations are brought into the child’s life by God Himself (they are) and to advocate for their child would be going against the Sovereignty of God (it isn’t).

[clickToTweet tweet=”Somehow, in a child’s mind, if a parent won’t stand up for them, it seems to the child to indicate that they aren’t worth being stood up for. Stand up for your child! #parentingtips #homeschool #moms #goalaccomplish1″ quote=”Somehow, in a child’s mind, if a parent won’t stand up for them, it seems to the child to indicate that they aren’t worth being stood up for. Stand up for your child.”]

Supporting your child will affect how they think about themselves their whole lives. There are circumstances all through life that are not fair, where the bully wins, when you can’t do for your children what you would like to do. But don’t let that stop you from your job of “Being the Mom” when you can. Research studies (Caskey 2009, Amato and Ochiltree 1986) have shown that a parent’s expectations, help, interest, and attention make a substantial positive difference in a child’s life. Be that difference. Be the best mom you can be.

Be the Mom.

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