Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child: The Importance of the Walk

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Do you have a strong-willed child? The kind that you saw screaming and throwing tantrums at the grocery store? Or in Sunday school? Yep, I had one of those.
The kind you actually think might NEED medication? Even though you can’t believe you are thinking that?
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When you have a child like this, it is easy to feel like a failure as a parent. This kind of kid tests all of your reserve strength.

Our first child was extremely strong willed and the rest were just normal strong-willed, which means very strong-willed.

I also talked to our Christian doctor about my daughter. I was ready to put her on medication to help me keep my own sanity.

A Problem With Self Control and Impulsiveness

He said to deal with it firmly and consistently and with salvation, you will see a change. My daughter did not get saved until she was 7 (which is a lot of years to deal with!). God is amazing! Keep praying for your child’s heart and your patience. It is worth it!

Her longest time to focus on a project that she liked was 6 minutes. So every time she did focus on something for 7 minutes, we rewarded her.

Yep, that’s right.

I lived a lot of that time in 6 and 7 minute time blocks.

She would focus on puzzles so we bought puzzles. Lots of them! And we would work and work on getting her to lengthen her focus, one minute at a time.

I am so thankful for God’s work on her heart and on my patience!

Mom holding child's hand: Why it was important to walk my strong willed child to the tree every day.

Do you need help parenting your strong willed child?

I was a strong willed child. My mom reminds me of this sometimes! That is good because if I hadn’t been stubborn or persistent or tenacious or whatever you want to call it, my own daughter would have run over me again and again.

Or perhaps  I would have let my daughter get away with bad behavior if I had not been so determined.  My daughter needed to learn some lessons: to obey, to persist, to follow through. Importantly, teaching obedience now  provided safety and set an important foundation for future self-control.

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About Reverse Mortgages and Why I Don’t Recommend Them

What is a reverse mortgage? It is a financial product that allows you to tap the equity from your home. Millionacres says, You can qualify for a reverse mortgage as long as you’re at least 62, use the home in question as your primary residence, and are able and willing to keep up with your homeownership costs — meaning, continue paying your property taxes, retain homeowners insurance, and maintain your property.

As the articles below show, there are a lot of reasons NOT to get a reverse mortgage.

Since I live in New York, property taxes are a big concern. If you don’t pay your property taxes, your reverse mortgage becomes immediately due. Since there is not legislation protecting the homeowners, a town can reassess property values and your taxes can go up by 50% or more suddenly. Yes, they can. If you don’t pay your property taxes, your reverse mortgage becomes immediately due. If you can’t keep up with taxes, insurance, or maintenance, you are looking at foreclosure.

As the articles below show, there are a lot of reasons NOT to get a reverse mortgage.


From Experian

But a reverse mortgage comes with several downsides, such as upfront and ongoing costs, a variable interest rate, an ever-rising loan balance and a reduction in home equity. In light of those drawbacks, homeowners considering a reverse mortgage should weigh the alternatives, such as refinancing an existing mortgage or taking out a home equity loan.

Explore All Your Options

On its surface, a reverse mortgage might sound like an ideal way to use your home for income. However, both upfront and ongoing costs accompany a reverse mortgage, along with a variable interest rate. Another pitfall: Because interest and fees are tacked on to the loan balance each month, the balance increases—and as the balance goes up, your home equity goes down.

Because of the numerous downsides to reverse mortgages, be sure to explore all of your borrowing alternatives to ensure your finances don’t end up going in reverse.

Everything Finance One of the ways lenders try to entice you into a reverse mortgage is by putting the idea in your head that you’ll never lose your home and ultimately live there forever. However, depending on your retirement income, even with the money from your reverse mortgage, the home insurance, repairs, and property taxes could become too much for you to handle.
Should you fail to be able to pay for any of those expenses, you’ll be in severe risk of losing your home. Moreover, there’s no telling how much repairs will (sic) ultimately equal.

Investopedia You Might Move Soon

If you’re contemplating moving for health concerns or other reasons, a reverse mortgage is probably unwise because in the short-run, steep up-front costs make such loans economically impractical. These costs include lender fees, initial mortgage insurance costs, ongoing mortgage insurance premiums, and closing (a.k.a. settlement) costs, such as property title insurance, home appraisal fees, and inspection fees.

Homeowners who suddenly vacate or sell the property have just six months to repay the loan. And while borrowers may pocket any sales proceeds above the balance owed on the loan, thousands of dollars in reverse mortgage costs will have already been paid out.

Youtube: Dave Ramsey says Reverse Mortgages Are Scams.  

2017: 90,000 mortgages held by seniors are facing involuntary termination of their mortgages, i.e. foreclosure!  At that time, 14%- 18% of the loans ended in foreclosure- a really, really, really high foreclosure rate.

Once in 30 Years From Elizabeth

“Jane” wanted to get a reverse mortgage.  Her house was paid for. She wanted to remain in her house for the remainder of her life and have money to pay for her care, and she had no heirs. Also, she had recently been given less than a year to live. At that point, I could not talk “Jane” out of a reverse mortgage. There are other options, but she wanted what she wanted.

However, my advice for you: Run away from a reverse mortgage!  Elizabeth Estelle

Homeschool Christian Mom Elizabeth Estelle is ready to help you!

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Review: NXT Connection Dating App Services

NXTCONNECTION Dating App Services

Have you ever seen those ads in the plane magazines about personalized help finding your soulmate? The service sounds wonderful. Imagine my pleasure when I met one of these dating geniuses: Dorinda Barker!
Dorinda’s company NXt Connection focuses on YOU and featuring your unique personality authentically on an appropriate dating app. She offers personal, one-on-one services to help you find your SOMEONE.
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One -on-One Coaching

Dorinda says, “My 1-on-1 coaching is a “Done For You” profile but you also get guidance with opening lines, messaging and responses, first date do’s and don’ts, hype-man advice,  and style advice. I also include a self-care course that brings out your confidence with dating.”  (8 Weeks of guidance)

I wasn’t getting a lot of matches with my social media dating apps. A friend of mine suggested  NXTConnection.  I was unsure about it- but thought, why not give it a try.  I met with Dorinda for my one on one consult. She was very friendly and we bonded over a wide range of conversation and topics.  Little did I know, she was focused on who I was as a person.  She would later show me I was not my natural self in my profile.  We went over things step by step starting with my pictures, written description, and my dating goals.

Overall, My matches have increased since using NXTConnection. I highly recommend at bare minimum, the consultation.   J.R.

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Here’s a sample of Dorinda’s advice on PROMPTS:

Some dating apps have a feature called prompts.
Prompts are conversation starters and get-to-know-you nugget questions that an app such as @hinge provides. Prompts also are additional knowledge into who you are on top of just a biography.
An example of a prompt can be: A random thought I had this morning. . . . .
A good prompt on Hinge can inspire good creative answers as well as responses from potential suitors. An unpopular opinion can stir up good conversation and banter. A good prompt can invite an opening to be random, quirky, unique, insightful, bold, or humble if done correctly.
Basically prompts are ‘get to know me better’ questions before even using your swipe on a person. To that I say,  “Bring on the prompts!”

Testimonials from Annie

I heard about Dorinda through a friend who heard her give an elevator speech about her business and explain how she helped people go into online dating successfully. I love to date and want to meet my person but dreaded the thought of even writing a bio or learning to use a dating app. I felt like any attempt would be canned and corny but meeting guys wasn’t going well either.  My friend recommended I at least do the 15 min free consult and see if we could even work together. Dorinda was bubbly and cheerful and I got excited as I caught her enthusiasm. I tried to be very blunt and tell her exactly what I was looking for and she took it all in stride. She was excited and already had recommendations of apps that might fit me best. Over the next 5 weeks, I had weekly meetings with her as I wrote her a wishlist, talked about past relationships, and did homework to make my profile the best it could be (more photos!) One thing that both surprised me and I appreciated was this was much more about me then I thought. Dorinda focused on what I believed about myself and made me work through the lies that directed who I dated. She set me up with a bomb profile on 2 apps that look so good! Thank you for that huge push of courage, know-how and reminding me I’ve more than got this!   Annie

MEET YOUR SOMEONE: NXTConnection enhances people’s dating profiles by making your pics and bio SHINE. Let us help you with your spark and more.

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