Cleaning Help From Kids/ Lack of Obedience: 12 Tips from Veteran Moms

Boys working at table. Text says, Lack of help and obedience? 12 Tips from Veteran Moms

Use these top tips to get cleaning help from your kids!

Can you help me solve this problem? The rooms, the house, my life is a mess and I’m the only one cleaning. The kids, boys,  aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing with their independent work (ages 8 and 12). Consequences are irrelevant as an option. Means nothing. What can I do? Continue reading “Cleaning Help From Kids/ Lack of Obedience: 12 Tips from Veteran Moms”

Raising Children: 5 Helps for Parents

Raising Children: 5 Tips to Help Parents. Image shows an ornate church steeple with the sun coming through the bell tower with a light blue sky in the background.

It is so important to raise a group of Christian children, your children,  who are able to be leaders for the next generation.

We discussed leadership in church today when we were studying about the life of Joseph. Joseph had decided to make God’s concerns more important that his own concerns. His determination to do right even under very tempting and trying circumstances allowed him to be used of God in amazing ways later in his life.

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A Patient Parent and a Crying Child

A young girl with a tear running down her cheek

A good parent is patient with a crying child.  Thanks to Caleb for sharing this opening story and for being a good dad to his kiddos.

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The Crying Child

Caleb  (the dad)  and Adam who is 3

I’m finding that parenting involves a lot of scolding. Consider the conversation from this morning. . .
Adam: WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (x 30 min.)
Me: *frustration rising*
Me, talking to myself: Self, why are you getting angry?
Self: This DUMB KID won’t stop CRYING!

Me: Uh huh, that’s what kids do, Self. Continue reading “A Patient Parent and a Crying Child”