Bible Reading: What Truth Does God Have for You Today?

It is important to read the Bible. If we want to be wise, we need God’s help.  God wants to communicate with man.  He gave man spoken language and provided for written language.  God has gone to great lengths throughout history to make sure mankind knew what was expected of him by His Creator.  The Bible is not just “wisdom literature.”  The Bible is God’s Word.  He wants you to know how to please Him.  God is waiting for You to follow Him.  He is waiting to bless you and teach you and help you. Read the Bible.  The Bible is God’s word.

Bible opened to Deuteronomy chapter 6

Do you want true success?

Find out God’s will for your life, and do it.

Read the Bible and do what it says.  And hold on–because then you will begin the best adventure ever.  If you have never read through the Bible, you might want to use The One Year Bible.  “Each day you will read a passage from the Old Testament and one from the New, along with a Psalm and one or two Proverbs.”  If you are completely new to the Bible, I recommend starting in the gospel of John.

You can also get audio versions of the Bible so you can listen to God’s Word if that will help you.  The important part is getting God’s Word into your mind so that you can think about it and start to put it into practice in your life.

Read the Bible.

God has His answers to life problems in the Bible.  Sometimes the answers are clear, like “Thou shalt not lie.”  Sometimes the answers are in the principles within a text or narrative.  BUT the answers are not hidden.  You can know what God wants you to do.

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