Review: Daring Devotion Christian Mission Devotional

Daring Devotion: A 31-Day Journey with Those Who Lived God’s Promises

I highly recommend this Christian devotional!

“For thirty-one days, step back in time and see how God worked in and through men and women like you. Read their stories. Hear their own words. Feel their heartbeat. Experience their struggles. Get closer to their God. Discover the source of their strength in the promises of God’s Word.

This devotional book is a gateway to spiritual growth through the truths of God’s Word and the examples of those who lived God’s promises. A. W. Tozer wrote, “Next to the Holy Scriptures the greatest aid to the life of faith may be Christian biography.” Daring Devotion taps into the power of truth and testimony. This book will enrich both your personal time with God and your family’s devotional time. Author: M.R. Conrad”

Christian Devotional Reviews

Review from Jim below: This book reveals numerous hidden gems of Biblical truths lived out through the lives of many missionaaries who served the Lord without reservation. These true stories, combined with related Scriptures, will encourage the heart, inform the mind, and challenge the will to serve the Lord. Having been personally affected, I plan to use this during my famiily devotion time in addition to my personal time with the Lord. As a pastor I also plan to encourage God’s people to read this as well!


A Christian missions devotional book
Will this book stir your heart like it did mine?

For me personally, the letter by John McCarthy speaking of abiding in Christ was particularly refreshing. We need to let God take care of our sins, stop struggling and ABIDE in Christ.  Isn’t it wonderful that God has given His Holy Spirit to us to help us as we serve Christ and seek to live for Him? I think so!

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND by Homeschool Christian Mom, Elizabeth Estelle.

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