Don’t Lose your Sanity: 13 Parenting Tips and Resources to Use with Young Children

Parenting Tips: Parenting is stressful. Three people wearing clown noses: Don't lose your sanity. Parenting tips and resources to help you!

These parenting tips and resources will help you stay sane. I’m sure you’ve heard the old joke about insanity being reversely inherited– you get it from your kids!

4 Strong Willed Children

My husband and I have raised four strong-willed children and we had days where we seemed to be at our wits’ end with how to help our children. Here is a collection of parenting tips, articles, hints and helps to assist you in keeping your sanity and being successful as a parent.

One! Every one gets one mercy call.  Especially if you tend to get upset easily, remember that everyone needs some mercy once a day. Laugh if you can.

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5 Home Schooling Helps For Parents: Discipline

Home schooling help for parents. The text reads, When your homeschool day can be described in one word, "Badlands!" Picture is of rocky mountain range of Badlands with sparse brush in foreground, the Badlands of Sorth Dakota.

Sometimes parents need a  little home schooling help. What if one day you look around and realize that you need to change something with your home school or discipline in your household?  What can you do?

Help for Parents: Phone Encouragement

I am glad to offer some phone encouragement to parents if you are at your wits end. The consult is free because I want to encourage you in your home schooling journey.

I do also have a paid service where I help you come up with an action plan, and talk to you every week for 8 weeks to give you the support you need to succeed. Type PHONE to and we’ll get an appointment set up. You can do this!

If you just need a few ideas to get you on the right track, here’s what worked for us:

The Toys Are Getting Dumped Out All The Time!

For example, what if you realize that your children dump all the toys over and over again all day long and you are sick and tired of the mess? You’ve tried a few things but nothing has worked. What do you do now?

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More to motherhood: Your surprising ministry

Are you looking for ministry? There are a lot of opportunities within motherhood for ministry

“Little is much, when God is in it”

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So go the words to the hymn written by Kittie L. Suffield, 1924. “Does the place you’re called to labor, Seem so small and little known?” continues the song. I certainly was imagining a bigger field of service and ministry when my husband Edward and I started out together 34 years ago. I did not feel the rural community we live in was not very welcoming. The small Bible-teaching church we attend is 20 miles away. Continue reading “More to motherhood: Your surprising ministry”