Homeschool Art: Personality Flag Art Project

Just like a state flag tells something about the state, your personality flag art project will tell something about you. If you are teaching a class, this is a great project to help you to get to know your students.

What will you put on your flag? An object? An animal? Your favorite dessert? A quote or verse? A picture of a musical instrument?


  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Magazines, pictures, calendar pictures, and books for ideas

Step 1

Use a light pencil line to divide your paper into 5 spaces like this:

This image visually describes the way to divide up the page for the flag art project.
What objects, animal, quote, or food will you choose to tell me something about you?

Step 2

Choose what you will draw in each space.

Beginning of layout for the flag art project. A chickadee picture and an apple are painted on the page.
Lightly draw your ideas and begin painting your flag.

I recommend starting with a favorite animal, as this is often an easier decision.

Student has painted a tiger eye for her flag art project.
This student is both bold and mysterious as shown by the tiger’s eye!

You do not have all 4 spaces drawn in before you begin painting. I have found that this project tends to come together best one space at a time.

In beautiful writing, the Bible verse Eph 4:32 is written for this flag art project.
This is one of my favorite verses.

For verses or quotes, you can use your computer to try out different fonts and arrangements to find a pleasing layout. I had fun finding this fancy “B” in a calligraphy book. I used a light watercolor wash behind it, to look like it was written on parchment.

Our finished projects:

Finished Flag Art Project
What a great job!
This flag art project shows what this student likes: art, sewing, strawberry cheesecake and tigers
Art, sewing, strawberry cheesecake and tigers!

What will YOUR flag look like? I hope you try this project at home and post your Personality Flag on FB in my Homeschool Christian Mom group, where I have more art projects as well as homeschooling tips and tricks and resources. See you there!

Bonus: Is teaching art important? Of course I think it is!

  • Art teaches you to look closely at the beauty around you. God’s magnificence is in every landscape, every flower, ever person.
  • Art teaches you to make decisions.
  • Art teaches you to learn something new, whether it is a new media (pencils, markers, watercolor or acrylic paint, etc.) or a new art project.
  • Art can be used to learn about different time periods and different cultures.
  • Because we don’t know how the Lord will use our children in the future, we need to have them prepared for whatever He calls them to do. Jobs that use art: teachers, preachers, missions, youth ministries, graphic art, design and marketing.
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