Ready, Set, Go! The Chore Challenge

Sometimes you just don’t want to do your chores.  The kitchen sink or the counter starts stacking up with dishes.  Actually you haven’t seen your sink all day and the only reason you know your counter exists is that something is holding up that gooey pile of pots and pans. How do you tackle this mess?

My Chore Challenge:

The other day I was talking to my daughter and we both had to admit that our kitchens looked like a wreck. “How am I ever going to find time to do all this?” my daughter moaned. “Let’s race and see what we can do in 15 minutes. We can handle 15 minutes.” I said.

“Set the timer! First one done calls the other.”

“Ready, Set, Go!”

I hung up the phone and got to work.  We are both competitive so I knew I had to hustle to beat her. Quickly I put the food into the refrigerator.  I collected all the dirty dishes and piled them next to the sink.  I turned the water on to warm up and got my dishcloth wet.

The counters I could see I wiped down. Hurray! Clean counters.  The water was now hot, so I put on an apron and started washing.

12 mins left…

The glasses were first-you want them washed in the cleanest, hottest water.  Then I turned them upside down on the right side on the sink.  Next I started washing the flatware- they also touch your lips so they have to be well-cleaned and rinsed.  The glasses had “dripped” a bit by now, so they got moved up onto a towel, slightly tipped on the edge of the sink and towel.  The clean flatware gets an extra rinse and it is done.

3 more minutes gone

The plates were next:  The sponge has a softer side and a scrubby side to make sure all the food particles get off.  Two times around the plate and a rinse and they are done.

only 7 mins to go

The bowls, pots and pans are last.  Any greasy pans get wiped out with a paper towel (fats and greases are not good for pipes and septic systems).  If your water is very dirty, put it in the pots for a “first rinse” and then drain the dirty water.   Get clean hot water for cleaning.  Scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse.  Everything goes upside-down either in the sink or on the towel.

Ring, Ring!

“I am done!!!” my daughter crowed into the phone.  She won.

But really, we both won–didn’t we?

This clock is sitting on a table for our 15 min chore challenge.


Try our chore challenge with a friend and let us know what you accomplished!

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