I Look Ridiculous When I Exercise! Meeting your Fitness and Health Goals

I am quite sure that I look absolutely ridiculous when I exercise, which is only done in the privacy of my home when no one is watching.  I sometimes walk on the treadmill. I sometimes follow along with some uber-fit personal trainer on the internet (Fitness Blender.) Via the internet, I have tried beginning clogging lessons, dance videos, kickboxing videos and even a fitness workout for the elderly.   I can hear my kids laughing their heads off about now (quiet down out there.) Continue reading “I Look Ridiculous When I Exercise! Meeting your Fitness and Health Goals”

SALE information: BJU Press Homeschool

6th grade Spelling Curriculum includes great resources in both the student text and teacher's edition.

If you haven’t gotten your BJU Press Homeschool material yet, NOW is the time!

Spelling is more than just learning how to spell words. If you are unsure of what to look for in a spelling curriculum, you can read more about it HERE: Review of Spelling, 6th grade. I highly recommend BJU Press Homeschool Spelling because they integrate so many of the language arts into their lessons.

Or you can watch my Youtube review here.

If you know ANYONE with a 4 year old, the Footsteps for Fours curriculum is one of my new favorites. The authors have included SO MANY ideas!! I go through a lesson to show you how FUN and THOUGHTFUL the lessons are!

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