Are You Ready to Stop Home Schooling? Please Don’t!

Is your home schooling year a real trial to you? Are you ready to give up being a home school mom? Please don’t! Oh, I know it is not for everyone- but there are so many advantages that I want you to re-consider and re-evaluate your current situation before you “throw in the towel.”

With home school there are the positives: the time with your children to train and teach character as well as academics, the ability to craft the curricula to their needs individually, the flexibility of schedule. There are also the negatives, the things that your children are NOT being exposed to: your children aren’t being influenced by the anti-god philosophy and humanistic philosophy of the world system, the ethical relativism of the public school system, the swearing and foul language,  and the flagrant disobedience to authority. Keeping the world OUT of your child is important. You want your child’s heart to be tender so that God can work and change it for His glory!

Do you need encouragement?  Find it in the Scripture. God wants to bless our homes and help us: James chapter 1 is a great book to read. James 1:5 is a great verse to claim: “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” Take heart, dear Mom, and ask God to help you restructure your home school so that you can be successful as you teach and train your children.

Are you frustrated with your curriculum?  My friend Linda says, Keep it simple.  I agree.  For me, that meant picking a curriculum and sticking with it.  I chose Bob Jones University Press because I knew some of the people both writing it and doing the illustrations.  When you have questions, BJUPress has excellent support as well.  Home schooling is a big industry and there are a lot of choices.  If you try to “sample” them all, you will spend a lot of money and time.  It may make sense to join a local home schooling group and see what books others in your area are using.  You can get “hand-me-downs” of their books and wisdom as you go.

Bob Jones University Press 

Yes, home schooling your children is difficult, but it is not impossible.  The amount of quality time you get to influence your children both academically and spiritually is a great blessing, to you and to them.  As an “empty nester,” I can truly say that I miss the noise and busy-ness of those years.  I had those years with my children and for that, I am truly thankful.   Now my children are out “conquering the world.”   I hope this encourages you to keep going with your home schooling efforts and enjoying the educational adventure you have begun.

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