Identify Behaviors that Need Changing and Have an Action Plan for Change

Do you need an Action Plan?Let’s face it- we all have bad days.  This action plan is not for a bad day, but it may help you break a bad pattern of behavior.  And sometimes, it just helps you identify and decipher what is really going on with your child.

Example:  I am having to go up and down the stairs  and tell my children 4 times before they get out of bed and come down to breakfast to get started with the day.

What is the problem in one sentence?  Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  The problem is: My children are not getting up and coming to breakfast as instructed.  (In a way, you have been teaching them that they don’t have to obey until you have told them 4 times!)

What is your goal?  Now, you want them to obey the first time they are told.

The action plan can have both  positive reinforcements and negative consequences.  You need to know your child so that you know what things motivate him and what things he would find a negative consequence.

So what are some of the actions that you could take to solve this problem?  You and your child should come up with a plan together.  You should have a separate action plan for each child, unless you can come up with one plan everyone agrees on.  Because each child has different motivations, it can be difficult to have one all-encompassing action plan.

Your plan might look like this:

  1. Purchase an alarm clock for each child  and make sure the alarm clock is set each evening.
  2. If the child is not down for breakfast on any morning during the week at the correct time, he has to do extra chores for up to 30 minutes that day, and
  3. If the child is on time every day all week, he gets to choose a box of favorite breakfast cereal for the next week or have a friend over.
  • Now, Mom, that means you have to stick with the plan, too! 
  • The child signs the action plan to agree to it and the parent signs as well.
  • Your signatures show your commitment to the action plan.
  • You should also set a review date and time to see how it is working and if things need to be changed.

Download this action plan free by clicking on the link below:

 Action Plan


An action plan can get you and your child(ren) on the same page  working to solve the problem. Comment below if this article was helpful or if you have other solutions that helped you through the “Badlands.”

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