Let Eclectic Hair Studio in Latham Cut Away All Your Hair Anxiety!

Eclectic Hair Studio

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In the past I had gone to the local hair salon to get a haircut, which meant to get my hair cut shorter. When my daughter’s wedding was approaching, I wanted to get my hair styled by an expert. I am happy to say that I located Claire Harris of Eclectic Hair Studio and she has cut away all of my hair anxiety!

Eclectic Hair Studio is located in Latham, New York. Large front windows allow for natural light to cascade into the main studio room. Claire Harris, owner of Eclectic Hair Studio warmly greets me by name, “Hi, Elizabeth! How are you doing?” giving me a hug.

A True Professional

Claire is well trained. She graduated from The Orlo School of Hair Design in 2006, and received her A.A.S. from Hudson Valley Community College. She has completed training from several accredited academies, and has worked alongside celebrity stylists during NYC fashion week. She travels throughout the United States and Canada as an educator and has had her hair and makeup published in print and digital formats. I feel blessed to have found such a qualified stylist in our area.

Eclectic Hair Studio in Latham New York is a value find! Eclectic means deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

To start off, Claire interviewed me to learn about MY hair goals, MY routines, MY preferences. Then Claire brought her expertise and artistic style to work to give me a cut that would work well within my routine, my face shape and lifestyle. She is great for listening to me and I get the cut that fits me.

A Discussion of Color

We begin with a discussion first of color: “I think it looks a bit. . . mousy,” I admit reluctantly. “It’s a little lifeless since my last visit 2 months ago.” As I talk, Claire is combing her fingers through my hair and looking at the color, moving around me to make sure she sees what is going on. I can tell her mental wheels are spinning with an idea.

“I was thinking more of a caramel color. . . ,” she begins but lets the sentence hang a bit to see my reaction.

I smile and say, “Yes, that sounds perfect.”

Either Claire or her assistant checks my hair twice while the color is developing. After my hair meets their approval, it is washed and soon I am back in the chair for my cut.


Ready for the Cut!

Again there is a conversation. “What are you thinking, Elizabeth? What’s going on here?”

“The cut from last time has, of course, grown out quite a bit. It seems to need more layers. It seems a little heavy looking,” I say.

Claire tips my head first one way and then another as she shapes my hair, cutting with concentration and deliberateness. Her experience shows. As she snips, combs, cuts, fluffs and dries, my hair is starting to take on shape and she is making me look lots better!

I loved having Claire Harris of Eclectic Hair Studio working on my style. She is a real find for this area-right in Latham, NY.

After drying my hair, her scissors are out again to make sure that the cut is perfect. Her excellent work and attention to detail show in her results. As she says in her GrindItOut Youtube video, “I love my job.”

Whether for a special event like a wedding or just to gain that confidence of knowing you look great, I hope you also get the opportunity to experience the friendly professionalism of Claire and the stylists at Eclectic Hair Studio.

Thanks, Claire! You’ve done it again!

If you want a superb hair salon experience in Latham, New York, you need to go to Eclectic Hair Studio and ask for owner Claire Harris or one of her stylists. Altogether, they have over 50 years of experience!

You won’t be disappointed. Call now for your appointment: can email her salon at Info@eclectichair.com , or visit her Facebook page at Eclectic Hair Studio, Latham, New York. You can see her GrindItOut video interview here.

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