Homeschooling: Rules About Being Annoying

My son just posted the following to my Facebook page:

Growing up we had two rules about being annoying:

“Don’t be purposefully annoying,” and “Don’t be easily annoyed.”

Really works when you apply them to the rest of life too! Thanks Mom!

It is very satisfying to know that your child has listened to the advice you dosed out, day after day. There are a lot of days when we are sure that absolutely no new information is penetrating our children’s seemingly thick skulls. Don’t annoy your children with truth but don’t give up either! They are listening and the message is getting through.

What to do next?

Next, pray diligently for your children to have tender hearts to hear what you are saying. Pray they listen to the Lord. Pray that God’s will we be obvious to them. And pray that they will follow it.


Truly, the best protection and encouragement that we do for ourselves is to read our Bible daily. Make time for this important bit of self-care. I like good, uplifting Christian music, too, but a quiet time of study in God’s word, seeking His will for your life and day is sooooooo important. The music in your life should complement, that is, go along with and support your Bible study but it is no replacement. This will help keep us as moms from being easily annoyed by the busyness that is homeschooling.

Good job, Moms. Keep on going!

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