Getting a Dispute Resolved with a Hotel: Make One More Phone Call

Hotel Dispute: Have you ever had bad hotel service?

If you have an experience where you get less than satisfactory service, call and request some money back.

The short story is: I got $100 credited back to my credit card. The whole story is below. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.

Recently, my husband and I were visiting Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Because it is a tourist destination, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to get good hotel accommodations for the night.

After looking on Trip Advisor, I chose a hotel with good reviews. While it was at the higher end of our budget, it had a restaurant on site, a swimming pool (outside) and it was a hot day (87°F).

When we arrived, we saw that it was an older hotel complex. The room was adequate but nothing special. The room had been cleaned; however, there was a pair of boxer shorts and socks kicked under the bed. Yes, I took pictures.

The pool had leaves and debris in it. I talked to the person at the front desk about the articles of clothing left in the room and the condition of the pool. I did not get angry or yell. I explained the situation. I showed him the pictures. He apologized about the room and said that recent rain storms were responsible for the leaves in the pool.

Hotel Dispute: Be Reasonable

We went back to the pool. We looked again. We took pictures. Our opinion was that more than a rainstorm led to the leaves and debris in the pool and so we did not go swimming. Bummer.

We went back to the desk to ask about getting some money off the price of the room. We were told that we would have to talk to the manager who would not be in until Monday. Fine.

I called the manager on Monday, told her the situation calmly, told her that I had talked to J— at the desk and showed him the pictures. I asked about getting some money off the price of the room.  I was denied.

Hotel dispute: Our Experience

Fast forward: I got my credit card bill and there was the charge!  Eww! That really irked me. I really didn’t feel that our experience was worth that much money so I called again. I talked to a different manager and explained the situation. She kindly said, “I am so sorry that this was your experience with our hotel. Would it help if I credited $100 back to your card?”

Yes. It helped. So my advice, Call one more time.

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