Blueprint for Biblical Homeschooling Success

Blueprint for Biblical Homeschooling Success

What makes your homeschool biblical?

While my husband and I didn’t start out with a mission statement, it developed over time. We strove to do an exceptional job in educating our children but our goal became more than merely raising smart kids who knew the Bible.

Our mission statement: We wanted to raise good Christian soldiers for the Lord’s army (a scriptural allusion) by providing the high quality education they would need to succeed in whatever the Lord called them to do. We adjusted this later to say that we were not just raising soldiers for the Lord’s army, but Special Forces. Our desire is for our children to be leaders of the next generation of Christians.

With a stated goal, you can progress toward it and know that you are headed in the right direction.

If we have a goal for our children to be brought up in the teachings and ways of the Lord, then we need to be bringing them into experiences that will help us achieve that goal.  For example, I want my children to realize the importance of corporate worship with like-minded Christians.  My husband and I make church attendance a priority. We go every week, rain or snow.

What are your priorities day by day?

It is good to help people out.  However, if you get asked to watch the Smith’s 3 children and take care of their animals so Mr. and Mrs. Smith can get away for a few days, but this may not be the season of your life to be committing to helping others in this way. If you have decided to homeschool, and do a good job of it, you have to make your homeschooling a priority.

There are lots of good things that people can do to help others, but the Red Cross has a specific mission to help those in the face of emergencies.

American Red Cross mission statement: “To prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.”

Their mission statement keeps away the distractions of other good works so that they can, and do, excel at helping people in emergency situations.

It is great if your daughter has an opportunity to travel to Sweden for a week, but if that trip will take away the finances for homeschooling resources for the rest of the family, you may need to make the hard decision to have her stay home.

Play group may be fun for your toddler every now and then, but a good homeschooling co-op may better serve the needs of your homeschooling children.

Biblical Homeschooling Success

  • Character Development Goals What are you goals for your children’s character development? I’m sure you want to teach
  • honesty,
  • perseverance,
  • contentment,
  • compassion,
  • self-control,
  • kindness and
  • gratitude,
  • courage,
  • doing right no matter what.

Many of these lessons come in the day-to-day interactions in our families, family devotion time, Bible and church lessons. You might want to do a little assessment quarterly of your children and emphasize these characteristics as needed.

Educational Goals for Each Child

In the public school setting, special needs children have IEP’s: Individualized Education Programs. These documents list the objectives for each child and how each objective is going to be reached. In the homeschool setting, we often proudly say that we can cater to the individual needs of each of our children better in the homeschool setting.  But in reality many times we pile a heap of books in front of our children and just let them go!

If you have a special needs child. . . .WAIT! Aren’t all of our children special and unique?

Hasn’t God gifted each of our children individually? Yes, He has. So I think it is prudent to take a good long look at the children we are given and make sure we are strengthening their weaknesses and promoting their strengths.

Homeschooling will also influence a multitude of other decisions because it will force you to choose how you will use the time you have been given. Some activities that come your way will be all-star amazing and can’t miss opportunities. And other activities will be time-wasters and distractors. You will need God’s wisdom to tell which is which!

If your son got offered a position in the all-state trombone choir but it will involve 10 hours of travel and rehearsal time every week, you may not be able to do it. Unless your son is planning a career in music education, the price of that time from you may be too high.

Soccer club may be fun but you will carefully have to weigh the time and travel costs. One year my daughter wanted to play with a soccer team that traveled quite a bit. I wasn’t sure how dedicated she really was to this idea so I said that I would drive her but it would cost her $40 a week. She decided that it was worth it to her. So we did it. Really? Yep!

I have always believed that God had the resources I needed to help my children where I was. So I looked in my area to find the people to help me: a local piano teacher, a lady from church that could teach my daughter how to crochet, a neighbor that could take my son rabbit hunting, and children from my local homeschool gym group for playmates.

Encouraging Bible Verses

Proverbs 3: 5,6

James 1: 5

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