#CancelNetflix: I Apologize. Do you agree with my reasons?

I have joined the #cancelNetflix bandwagon.

If Netflix loses subscribers perhaps that it will send a message against sex trafficking, pedophilia, and the exploitation of women. But I regress. I need to apologize to my family and readers first.
I’m Sorry. I’m really sorry. I should’ve canceled Netflix long before this. Please forgive me.
  • I knew better.
  • I know better.
  • I try to apply the Bible to my life– but in this area, I had not set a good example of “learning not the ways of the world.”
  • I have not been a good example of “Be ye holy for I am holy.” or “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.”
  • or “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes.”
  • I have not been matching up what I say I believe with what I do.
  • Please forgive me. I’m going to do better.

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We used to have a TV with an antennae. Then it was a dish. Then cable! But the ads were awful: someone being shot, or seduced, or set on fire! And the ads in October near Halloween were worse!

#CancelNetflix was not on my mind at first.

I moved from cable to Netflix thinking I was getting more family-friendly programming.
Netflix seemed like a good alternative. Ha!
Show after show we were disappointed. We checked the reviews. Either the language was bad, there were explicit sexual scenes or profane and vulgar language and there was lots of violence.
  • Explicit sexual scenes
  • Profane language
  • Graphic Violence
  • Dumb/ Silly plots
  • Social engineering/ political undertones
We were not going to watch any shows with swearing, profanity or vulgarity. As a public school teacher, my husband used to send students to the office for talking like that!
So we had Netflix. But after the first year, our watching had slowed way down. We watched more at the beginning of Covid but were again disappointed. I should have been in the #cancelnetflix crowd way back then!
My children asked me: Why #cancelNetflix now? There’s been objectionable viewing material on Netflix for a long time.

So why did we #CancelNetflix now?

I DO NOT SUPPORT PEDOPHILIA. I WILL NOT SUPPORT IT EVEN IF IT IS DISGUISED AS A “reveal” of what is happening around the world. I will not support it even if the director says sexualizing children was not her intention.
NOTE: I don’t think you produce this kind of content accidentally!
I’m sorry this post is so blunt. However, this FB post sums up my objections well: 
“Cuties” perspective from a family therapist who works with young girls.
“The newest movie “Cuties” seems to be causing quite the stir due to the graphic sexual scenes that are soft, child pornography. I chose to watch the movie and draw my own conclusion.
*Warning: This post may be a bit much for some*

GROOMING warning!

The exploitation of young girls is not the first thing you need to be worried about with the show. As a family therapist who works with young girls, Cuties is far more damaging than the graphic dance scenes.
1) The movie portrays the “cool girls” (AKA the “Cuties”) as the desirable group to be a part of. The main character overhears the group of girls watching pornography and discussing the normalization of providing blow jobs and discussing the importance of penis size.
2) Next, the girls watch a video of (supposedly) older girls dancing and then flashing the camera in order to get “likes” on social media.
3) As older men (with facial hair) attempt to hit on the girls and ask their age, the girls respond “14” and tell the new girl that this should always be her response.
Selling your body is not cute.
4) While video chatting with an older male, the girls keep the camera off while asking him if he would like to “touch my tits.”
5) After teaching herself to grind on the floor and twerk, the main character twerks for two VERY old security guards in order to avoid being arrested.
6) After being caught stealing an older, male’s phone (maybe family member), the main character starts to undress in front of him (assuming this will encourage him to give her the phone). He pushes her away and she hides in the restroom.

#CancelNetflix: Your “privates” should stay private!

7) She proceeds to post a photo of her vagina to social media. She does this as a response to another girl pantsing her at school and revealing her “child-like” underwear.
For those of you who made it this far into the post without finding the need to vomit, this is called GROOMING. I am much less concerned (although still concerned) about the graphic humping and grinding dance scenes and far more worried about young children watching this show and thinking:
  • “This is how I become a woman.”
  • “This is how I get attention.”
  • “This is how I get what I want.”
  • “This is how I behave as a respectable woman.”

Do you agree with me that this is wrong?

This show is grooming young girls that it’s “cool” and normal to seek out the attention of an older male, it’s acceptable to act like a stripper if it makes me part of the “cool group”, and to get out of trouble or attain things I want, I should seduce men and give them what they want.
I have never been more concerned over a show. This movie needs to be exposed for what it is…. a TOOL FOR GROOMING YOUNG GIRLS.”
Now. Do you understand why I had to ask you to listen to something not fun and not encouraging and not pretty today?


(September 16, 2020
Posted by my friend, Joy Thompson Sexton and going around on Facebook)
P.S. Over 600 half-naked girls auditioned for this film in front of male producers (2 sources confirmed the number of girls auditioned but I was unable to find out what they were asked to do. My question: Why were their parents okay with this?!?)

So if you have not joined the #cancelnetflix bandwagon, my question for you is, WHY NOT?

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