So Thankful for Grand Gorge Tires! Grand Gorge, NY

Grand Gorge Tire, Grand Gorge, NY

Tires are all the same, right? That’s what I thought, too, until I started to write about them! #sponsored See Promocode below.

Now I’m learning a whole new vocabulary: weight bearing, vibration muting, aspect ratio, uniform tire quality grades rating system, temperature resistance, load index and speed rating. Not to mention stability tracking!

Tires, Technology and Rebates

Fortunately, Bob Cronk and his team at Grand Gorge Tires know and understand the vocabulary of tires as well as what you need for your vehicle in this area.

Additionally, the office staff stay up-to-date on the “wheeling and dealing” of the tire companies to get you the best deals. There are rebates and specials happening regularly! I really appreciated Theresa finding me a $75 rebate on 4 tires this past week.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)  on your care has to be re-calibrated after each tire change. Otherwise, there will be an annoying little light on your dash. Grand Gorge Tires has the special equipment to speed you on your way!

Go by to see them on 35487 State Highway 23 in Grand Gorge or give them a call today: 607-588-4100. Ask about their current promotion: Elizabeth5.

Grand Gorge Tires: This picture is of Elizabeth in front of two enormous used tires from a mining truck in Montana. The tires are 10 feet tall! Grand Gorge Tires phone # 607-588-4100.

I post reviews because no matter how good a day you have homeschooling, sometimes you still need tires.

I am Elizabeth Estelle, Homeschool Christian Mom, providing timely  access to homeschooling answers for moms who have an “I’m stuck” moment during the day.

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