No More Crazy Repetition with 3 Sanity-Saving Tips

Home school: 4 times rule! and other sanity saving tips


Does noise bother you after a long day of home schooling?  Or just after a long day in general? Singing, humming, banging on the pots and pans- sometimes for me it just gets to be too much.  Children do learn by repetition but sometimes my nervous system just couldn’t take the noise!

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A child is allowed to sing the same song four times in a row, but if they begin the fifth time the 4 times rule is put into action.  They have to choose a different song! This goes with (almost) any repetitive noise.  Note: I did have to make some allowances for piano practice. Haha!

These Rule Twins Stay Together:

Don’t be purposefully annoying.  Don’t be easily annoyed.

My son just posted the following to my Facebook page:

Growing up we had two rules about being annoying:

“Don’t be purposefully annoying,” and “Don’t be easily annoyed.”

Really works when you apply them to the rest of life too! Thanks Mom!

It is very satisfying to know that your child has listened to the advice you dosed out, day after day. There are a lot of days when we are sure that absolutely no new information is penetrating our children’s seemingly thick skulls. Don’t annoy your children with truth but don’t give up either! They are listening and the message is getting through.

Sanity Saver: Schedule Some Quiet Time for Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I like a little quiet time every day to help me plan and stay organized in my head. I like to have time to read my Bible and some other books. I like to talk on the phone too, but the quiet time I get is precious and beneficial.

I implemented a quiet reading time after lunch to help myself. Everyone went to their room and could read. Sometimes the younger ones would nap, but everyone had to be quiet. Usually this worked very well for us.

What to do next?

Next, pray diligently for your children to have tender hearts to hear what you are saying. Pray they listen to the Lord. Pray that God’s will we be obvious to them. And pray that they will follow it.

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Speak Truth to Your Children

What do we need to do? We need to teach our children biblical truth all the time.

We sin because we are sinners. Adam’s choice to sin had long-reaching dire consequences for his descendants.

We have seen this same principle recently in our country. One man’s actions (this police officer) have had grave consequences for many throughout the country.

God has provided for us to be right with Him. Jesus’ work on the cross provides salvation. We can be right with God. The work of ONE provides salvation for ALL who accept Him.

Now is the accepted time to accept Jesus and join His Kingdom of Life. you will never find the peace, rest, and life your heart craves by following SIN.

We need to teach this to our children. We need to share this truth boldly with others.

Live TRUTH in front of your children.

You need to be the example to your children. Be living out the Bible in your own life. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your heart and change you. Let the fruit of the Spirit grow in your life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5: 22, 23). 

I am not a patient person. But I am saved! I am a new person in Christ.  I am actively seeking for the Holy Spirit to work in my life and heart. Over time, the Lord has helped me and I am much more patient than I used to be.

What is God working on in YOUR life? Are you in the midst of a struggle or are things going well for you? Wherever you are, God has promised to be with His children! Trust Him and seek His will wherever you are in life.

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