Life Transitions -Preparing for the Unknown Change

I don’t like changes!  The word transition sounds like a calm word but in reality these changes can be quite abrupt. You go from being single to being married, from being without children to being a parent, from being healthy to being sick, from being married to being widowed, from being “with someone” to being “without,” from being a parent with a child in the house to being an “empty nester.” Life transitions can seem more like the crashing of waves against treacherous rocks.

wave crashing against rocks

Who can ever be ready for all of this??   No one. We can’t know what is coming. We can imagine or visualize things that might happen- if you do that you can really ruin the present and live with a lot of fear. I know: I am a real professional at imagining all kinds of bad things happening.

So then if we can’t know what is going to happen, can we prepare for what might happen? Yes, I believe that we can. Like a builder prepares a good foundation for his building, we can have a good foundation in our lives so that when the storms of life do come, we are prepared.  We can 1) be right with God and 2) we can be reading the Bible for guidance, and following what the Bible says.

So what if we do have a good foundation? What if we are Christians, saved for years and years, and we read our Bible regularly? Does it mean that our transitions are easier? In one way, yes, our transitions are easier. We have a great confidence that God who loves us and cares for us, is in control and will help us to go through this transition with His grace. We are looking for God’s path in the midst of difficulties.

We are seeking God’s lessons- so we have purpose and direction even we things seem “crazy” and “out of control.”

I am reminded of my friend Laureen’s son, Joshua. He was in a horrific car accident on the day of his college graduation. He had a traumatic brain injury from which he might not live. In the book Our Journey With Joshua, (Amber J. Johns, p 32), she says, “After a good cry and a moment of feeling like God had just forgotten about us, the Lord began to reveal Himself in ways that we never thought possible.”

“The Lord began to reveal Himself:”   I have heard this repeatedly throughout my life about the the “tragedies” that befall fellow Christians. Dr. David Innes, a pastor of 40 years at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco says that he used to feel sorry when he heard of one of God’s children going through a trial. Now he knows that there is a special treasure for the Christian going through a trial that can be gained in no other manner. (emphasis mine.)

Transitions. Changes. Challenges. How can you go through them successfully? Only with God’s help. How can you prepare for them? By being right with the Lord, reading and obeying His word. How can we get through them? By looking for God’s lessons and treasures in the midst of our time of transition.

Life Transitions: yellow forsythia branch transitions into bloom

If you need to be right with God, you can! God tells the following in His Word, the Bible: Man has a sin problem that separates him from God. We cannot be smart enough or good enough to overcome that.  God provided His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was buried.  To prove His power over sin, Jesus rose from the dead 3 days later. By accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior from sin, you can be right with God and get to go to His Heaven when you die.

The Bible is God’s Word. It is a collection of 66 smaller books that shows the unfolding of God’s plan from the beginning. It is a lot of reading, but how wonderful that God wants to communicate with man and help people with their time on earth. There is a lot of wisdom in the Bible. If you are new to the Bible, I would suggest Prasso Bible study.  This study not only focuses on learning God’s Word, but also how to put God’s wisdom into practice into your life.

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