Burlap Table Runner

This burlap table runner is an easy to make, meaningful, and an easy to transport decoration. I say “easy to transport” because we made and transported 15 of these runners from New York to Colorado for my son’s rehearsal dinner.

List of supplies: 6” rolled burlap, 1/8 inch sticky-backed foam, 3/8 inch foam, acrylic paints, assorted brushes (one ½ inch wide brush, one thin brush), utility knife, scissors

Burlap Table Runner Directions

1) Cut the 6” rolled burlap into the desired lengths; we used about 24 “ lengths. You can sew each end so that the burlap does not unravel or leave it unfinished.  We purchased burlap with finished horizontal edges and sewed the  cut edges to keep it from unraveling during travel.


2) My daughter downloaded the outline of both New York and Colorado. She cut the outlines out of the peel-and-stick 1/8” foam with a utility knife and then mounted the stamp on the heavier foam, 3/8 inch-thick.



3) Using a brush, paint the stamp generously with the acrylic paint and press firmly to the burlap. You may need to paint a little on the design with a brush if the stamped image isn’t printing clearly enough. You will have to do a little trial and error to get the paint and pressure correct for the look you want.

4) Using the thinner brush, add a small heart approximately where each person lives in their respective states.

5) Add the state’s abbreviation on each side.  My daughter did this “free hand” using a thin brush.

6) Add the dotted red line, again using the thin brush.

Tada! That’s it.  Not too bad right?

Along with the table runners, we added some specialty snowflake confetti, and a police car party box. Since our policeman son was marrying a nurse, our party favor boxes included band aids, a “syringe” pen, Hershey’s kisses, soft mints, and a Ghiradelli chocolate. The total effect was a meaningful decoration that made the rehearsal dinner very special.



The rehearsal was a huge success and everyone loved the decorations. What a special way to share in my son’s celebration.

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