Priorities: What have you lost in the bustle of Christmas? I can’t find my glasses!

Priorities and Christmas Time

The two concepts almost don’t seem to go together. What have you lost in the bustle of Christmas?  So far this year, it has been my glasses!  I am going to have to make finding my glasses one of my priorities. I am afraid that I have boxed them off and mailed them to Denver.  Fortunately, I mailed them early enough that they should arrive at my daughter’s for Christmas.  And she is kind enough that she will mail them back.

We are so trying to be the Mom.  You know, the Mom who has it all together.  The Mom whose house is clean.  The Mom whose house people want to come to.  The house of peace and calmness. The Mom who bakes delicious food from scratch everyday and everyone loves it.

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The reality is a bit different as this true story reminds us: A friend of ours was hoping to obtain a pastoral position at a church.  He and his family were visiting in the area and staying in the home of one of the parishioners. The wife had cooked all day for her guest: a truly fabulous meal.  The candidate’s 5-year-old son was passed the crusty homemade bread and he asked the hostess, “Did you make this bread?”  “Yes,” the hostess replied, pleased to think that this little gentleman would even know to ask such a question.  “Well, then, no, thank you,” the little boy said as he passed the bread on to the next person at the table.

Our efforts aren’t always appreciated. What are your priorities?

I have had Christmases when my priorities were not correct.  One year I baked cookies like crazy: 60 dozen of them of various kinds and all decorated. I directed the Christmas program at church.  I made a gingerbread house.  I have shopped and shopped and shopped to find the right presents. I have been the frenetic mom–running around like crazy to “get everything done.” Don’t make this same mistake.

#1 Priority: Invest in the people in your house instead of things.

Christmas is a religious holiday as well.  As Christians, we pause to read the Christmas story from Luke 2. We enjoy a special music program at church.  We are reminded again what an amazing miracle happened with the birth of Christ.  After 400 years of silence, God sent His Son to earth to fulfill prophecy and provide a way of salvation for man.  You can read more about God’s provision of salvation here.

Generally, at the Christmas season we help others who are less fortunate than ourselves with charitable giving.  We have family come over and cook special meals.  Perhaps we have traditions that make our Christmas different than our neighbor’s: the way we hang our stockings, wrap our gifts or the food that we eat on Christmas Eve.  At our house, we have Shepherd’s pie for dinner and a chocolate whipped cream filled angel food cake for dessert.  The cake is Jesus’ birthday cake and we sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus before we eat it.

Santa may be making a list and checking it twice, but we as Moms are the ultimate list makers.  We have grocery lists, gift lists, baking lists, lists for errands and a planning book to keep us oriented to time and place. What does this show about our priorities?

The truth is, there is always more to be done.  We as moms need to prioritize and use our time with our children and family wisely, especially at Christmas time so that our households are places of calm, happiness and refreshment.  Spend time with your spouse.  Spend time with your kids. You only have 18 years to influence them for the Lord.  Don’t lose sight of that this Christmas, even when you can’t find your glasses.  (P.S. I did finally find them.  They were in the pocket of my apron!)

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