Organized Prayer: You can do it!

“I’ll pray for you!”  Praise the Lord that we can bring our needs and the needs of others right to His throne.  I like to pray for others and see their needs answered as well as my own requests but I must admit that many times my praying tends to be haphazard.  I will start a prayer list, perhaps from requests given at a Wednesday night church service and those requests get prayed for that night– but usually never again.

Or I may start a list of things that I want God to do for my family.  I write down specific areas of my life that I want God to work on:  self-control, less anger, more trust, less fear.  And then I lose that list.  The next list may be in a notebook with requests for my children: help this one with math, that one to find a good friend, better coping skills, safety.  Perhaps this notebook may stay around a little longer, but it starts to look messy.  One request is answered, another is crossed out and updated.  I tried using different colored pens for different kinds of requests but then the notebook didn’t “look right” and I stopped using it.

I was intrigued when my friend was telling me of a prayer notebook system from Ruth Bumgardner that was really working for her.  One pamphlet that comes with the notebook is called Pray about Praying.  What a great idea!

By focusing on why we pray, the importance of what God says about prayer in the Bible, who God is that He is able to answer our prayers– it opens up a whole wonderful perspective on praying.

Thankfully, Ruth realizes that we are all unique so she doesn’t have a formula approach.  She wants to help people find a plan for their prayer life that works for them.  If you need help with finding a prayer plan that works for you, please look at Ruth’s site and see if this will help you.  Click here. One of the best parts about this system is that you can make it to fit you!

Prayer notebook samplePrayer notebook sample

And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us.  1 John 5:14

It is so wonderful to know that God hears our prayers.  We are not praying to an idol, carved by man.  An idol  is deaf to our prayers.  We pray to God, the Creator of the Universe.  He cares about us and He wants us to pray to Him.

One thing I am noticing this year as I read through my Bible that God is a merciful God.  He wants to answer our prayers and help us! If you need some ideas about Bible reading see this article about Intentional Bible reading.

If you have repeatedly had difficulties coming up with a prayer notebook system that is working for you, please go to Ruth’s website and see if this system, tailored to you, will be just what you need to have an organized prayer life.

I will be discussing this more in the future, as I want us to be able to support one another in prayer and encourage each other as God is merciful to us, answering our prayers and showing Himself strong in our lives.  What are you concerned about?  Bring it to God and, if you want, share it in the comments below so we can all pray about it with you.


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